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SouthPole is looking for it’s biggest Bull!

Over the next 72 hours SouthPole will search it’s biggest bull and the buyer with the biggest BNB buying amount will receive 100 BUSD, sent directly to his wallet.

And that’s not all. Among all the buying transaction we will randomly select one lucky winner and reward her / him with 25 BUSD.

Take part and get your hands on the big cash price.

The first Big Bull has ended and we are happy to announce the winning transactions:

Biggest Transaction was 0xdd21f0cb9e80e32c3e591e98172b23dcb67281f903eb4e5cfccf006150607871

The Winner has received 100 BUSD Reward.

Lucky Giveaway Winner under all transaction was: 0x26b61d8746e41b31acae83788ee1d257f8be1ab56c61b38805e3dc1e186bebea

25 BUSD giveaway reward were paid out.

Please see the Terms and Conditions below for further details and don’t forget to share with your friends.

Terms and Conditions

  • SouthPole will reward the biggest POLE buyer within the next 72 hours. The buying amount is measured in BNB and the winner will receive 100 BUSD paid out by SouthPole’s Marketing Wallet.
  • Among all buying transactions we will randomly give away 25 BUSD to one lucky wallet. Small transactions with a transaction amount less then 1 USD equivalent are out of scope.
  • The campaign starts on on July 14, 2021 – 15.00 UTC and runs for 72 hours.
  • Only buying transactions are eligible to win.
  • The buying amount is measured in BNB.
  • Transactions are based on the BscScan.
  • In case there are multiple winning transactions with the same buying amount the Reward will be split equally among all winners.
  • Campaign ends on  July 17, 2021 – 15.00 UTC.
  • If during the last 10 minutes a new transaction occurs with a larger amount, the campaign gets extended by 10 minutes to give everyone the chance to react. Example: if a new winning transaction occurs on 14.55 the end is moved to 15.05. If at 15.03 a new buying transaction occurs with a larger amount the end date is moved to 15.13. When now new transaction with a bigger amount occurred for more than 10 min the campaign is finished.